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Subject [re] Maestro, SaviOr Walks On Water
항즐이님의 마재윤선수 응원글 번역입니다.
오/탈자 내지는 명백한 실수가 아니라면 너그러이 보아주시길^_^;

+여러 분들께서 넘겨주신 초벌번역본의 proofreading도 곧 마무리해서 올리겠습니다.


Chapter 1. Ipxzerg, Wall

Op. 1. Largo, Pianissimo (Very slow and Very soft)

Happened to see a young boy, sitting next to the door with a good and innocent smile,
on the day of visiting G.O in YangJae-dong.

I remember him responding that he was just a beginner and had a long way to go
when I asked him if he was learning anything from GoRush,
who then was on his prime along with July.

The young sport, whom I was told to have joined G.O by the recommendation of Midas,
was just beating up a legendary Terran player in
Four games in a row, in Luna, each player being positioned horizontally.

Everyone began to gather around him and left only after he was finished with 4 wins and a single loss,
with GoRush teasing "Damn, your being humble was a mockery after all or what?"
and the kid blushing all over his face.

"Ipxzerg? What kind of ID is that? Change it to something cool, if you want to be big."
"I will."
"So, you do have an ambition, huh."
"Well that's..."

Op. 2. Adagio, Inquieto. (Slow and Instable)

2004. Spris 4th MSL.

The fruit that was not yet ripen.
No commentator has expressed expectations for Ipxzerg.
And the attention of some fans on new faces of G.O is more than just forgettable.

Failure to make his way out of OSL qualifications, stepping down to the Minor League.
His name was erased out from the list of the promising Zerg players.

Chapter 2. Still there.

Op. 3. Allegretto con Brio (Fairly fast with Spirit)

In the summer of 2004, something that no one had ever expected happened.
Against Chojja in Detonation F.
Against Sync in Luna.
Against TheMarine in Into the Darkness.
Against Yellow in Tucson.
The young boy defeated the ones who marked their glorious names in the past years,
five years of history of StarCraft, all at once.
Should it be a coincedence, or was it his ability beyond everything.
Somehow he grasped the chance and once again announced his existence to everyone.

Op. 4. Decresendo, Lacrimoso (Becoming softer, Sadly)

Yet he wasn't anyone but a new player in the Minor League.
The Minor League and the OSL qualifications.
Struggles do not seem to have an end,
and he was not so distinguishable from many other promising players
who, after all, failed to make their way and faded away.

Chapter 3. Breakthrough

Op. 5. Andante Cantabile Comodo (Slow, as if singing, in a Convenient pace)

Two wins and two losses in the last Team League of 2005.
Three wins and one loss in the finals.
Getting ready for a fast and smooth sailing in the 6th Uzoo MSL.

Op. 6. Allegretto Eclatant (Fairly fast and Brilliant)

2005 Uzoo 6th MSL.
Nada, Zeus, Reach, Chojja and Reach.

The attention, perhaps drawn to his opponents, ended up on him.
It was a festival with lamentation rather than acclamation,
but people now begin to remember SaviOr.

Chapter 4. Smooth Sailing

Op. 7. Forte, Ma mon troppo (Loud, but not so overdone)

Cyon 7th MSL.
Rush Hour 2, R-point, Rush Hour 2, Ride of Valkyries, and Dark Sauron 2.
The five battlefields that have deprived the prince of MSL of his throne.
The time to notice him again from the tragedy of Protoss has come.

Unsatisfactory results in the finals,
but more rewards and lessons to learn.

Op. 8. Vivace, Forzando (Up-tempo, Forcingly with a sudden emphasis)

Pringles Season 1 8th MSL.
The beginning of the Holy War.
(Note: the 'Holy War' referrs to matches between SaviOr and Nal_rA)
The most remarkable semifinals.
Entry in the finals, three times in a row.
Two times of winning the championship.
He starts to advance himself to the rank of the very best,

and holds the baton.

Op. 9. Vivace con Fuoco (Up tempo with fiery manner)

Pringles Season 2 9th MSL.
The best game in the history of the Holy War.
The conductor with a smile, stands up to express his delight after the game.
Forget about Chojja and Silver.
Nothing immature is to be found in his conduct anymore.

Op. 10. Presto Simanioso! (Very fast and Frantic)

Superfight 1 and 2.
The Emperor, the Genius, the winner of another league, and the legendary players...
Presentation of an answer to everyone's question.

A firm conduct, a respose without hesitation.

Passing the OSL qualification and the Dual Tournament.
A series of fanatic acclamations and despair everywhere.
Maestro has become a proper noun.

Chapter 6. Maestro, SaviOr Walks On Water.

Op. 11. Forzatissino con Grandezza (More emphasis with magnificence)

Daggers aimed at his heart.
Facing the impossibility as a lonely survivor on a bloody path.

Frustration, depression and despair... and a ray of hope.

Once again.

He walks on water to prove himself.
The audiences hold their breath by his splendid conduct,
and his continuous performance at the maximum speed overwhelms the world.

The grand applause and encore.

The frustration and despair become a redemption.
The fading dream comes true.
And the world calls out for SaviOr.

Op. 12. Maestro, a Piacere (At the pleasure of Maestro)

Again, his sweaty hand holds the baton.
With a deep breath,
he double-checks the orchestra before him.

At last,
he raises up his hands.


Original Article by Hangzri
Translation by PurpleRain

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