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Subject [re] Not Useless
Infinity 21님이 번역해주신 글입니다.
좋은 번역 감사드립니다. 더불어 힘을 보태주셨다는 팀리퀴드의 thedeadhaji님께도요.

Special Thanks to Infinity21 and thedeadhaji in


“You stupid child! What is this score!”
… November 16, a day that marked a turning point in someone else’s life...
“Everyone is doing so well, why are you the only one like this?”
would be a day that reminded me of my incompetence

It was a depressing day. I had scored lower than expected on the college entrance exams and thus my mood was, like my score, crawling on the floor.
‘What would happen if I just died?’
Come to think of it… there really won’t be much difference even if I disappeared.
Other siblings and relatives were securing high job positions so the family was not in any danger, and the troublemaker in the household would be terminated. That would be the end of it.
“So what do you want me to do…”
*thud* I mumbled to myself as I lay down on my bed. Right. I had always been like this. What others are doing, I can’t do. What others can’t do, I can’t either – I was a useless bum.

*Beep beep beep---*

I had forgotten to reset my alarm, and it went off at the same time as the day of the examination. So today is..
‘November 18. Already’
I feel like I’m forgetting something… what is it?
‘Ah, it’s the Star League finals. It’s going to be fun. But... only if it’s away from the eyes of the family.’
It's time to go to school now though. There's no way they’ll be doing stuff like checking attendance, but I don’t want to stay in this goddam house even 1 second more than I have to.

“You should at least eat!!!”
“There’s no need~ I’m going.”

Not wanting to see my parents face to face, I hurried off to school.
*sigh* Should I play basketball or soccer today..

“Hey you bum! You got kicked out of your house?”
“Yup. The third stall in Kwang-Joo Station's washroom is where I'll be living now.”
“Heh. You still want to get the last word every time.”
Upon meeting my good friend, my mood had immediately improved.

“Who do you think will win today?”
“Star League?”
“Since it’s autumn… wouldn’t Oh XX win?
“Yea right! It's been how long since winter started? The Golden Mouse will definitely find its owner today”
“A Terran is confident that he can beat a Protoss at finals? Don’t be ridiculous.”
“You're clearly biased because you’re a fan. Didn’t you see Park OO getting owned?”
“Don't even put them in the same sentence. They’re on different levels”
“We’ll have to see about that”

“I’m home~”


Nobody’s home. Oh, that’s right. Tonight was my big sister’s law examination celebration dinner.
At this point, I do not even feel upset at missing the dinner.
“Let's look at the bright side. I can watch the Star League finals without any interruption, so it turned out well”

“Welcome. Broadcasting from Che-ju Island. The Shinhan...”
It has started. The match was a series of amazing games from the very beginning.
After the 4th game, the score was tied at 2:2
“The fateful game, 5th game! Start!”
Terran’s BO is 1 fac 1 star, fake FD into 4 vulture drop. Defending against this is going to determine the result of the match.
“Ah, the Vultures have a lot of Probe kills. Furthermore, the Dropship was not destroyed so the harassment will continue.”
The situation was turning in favour of the Terran. The Protoss’ amazing micro prevented any heavy damages but small damages continued to accumulate.
“Ahh, is Protoss thinking of going Carriers? He’s building a Stargate”
Sensing that continuing on like this will lose him the match, he has made a slightly risky move to Carrier.
‘If that’s discovered, it’s over. Please... please... Terran, just go triple command...’

At that moment...
A dropped Vulture discovered the Stargate, and Terran immediately started to push out. He seemed sure that it was his victory.
“Ah~ it looks like Lee ㅁㅁ can feel the victory. He knows that if he pushes now, it cannot be stopped”
‘He lost’
Tanks pumping out of 1 Factory Add-on and vultures streaming out from 4 Factories
‘This can’t be stopped’

The Protoss’ main force is tied up in its main to defend against the harassment. Terran sets up right in front of Protoss’ base without much trouble.

“Oh! To add insult to injury, a Dropship is heading towards the Protoss main!”

Two Tanks are dropped. Peons had escaped immediately so there were no losses, but the Protoss army had hurriedly pushed forward; he must defend with the units that just came out of his Gateways.
“Ah! Citadel! Since there are no probes, he’s force attacking the Citadel!”
“Leg research is probably being done right now.. If that’s destroyed, the last speck of hope disappears”

*Boom- boom-*

The Dragoons that had just come out of the Gateways started their attack on the tanks…
“Citadel! Citadel! Ah… Citadel of Adun is destroyed. Zealot Leg research has been cancelled!”
“It's a foregone conclusion now...”


I can’t watch this anymore.
I should sleep…
*thump* My eyes start to water inexplicably.
‘Ahhh... I prepared an entire year for that exam just to do horribly on it, and the player I’m cheering for goes through tough opponents just to lose at the finals. I guess it is not surprising that I’m feeling down.

Sleep doesn’t come.
*tick-tock tick-tock*
Only the sound of the clock is heard.
‘Haa… I suppose I should at least watch the end shouldn't I?’


”Ah! the Protoss army has decimated Terran vultures and is pushing up!”
“Terran! Defends his choke with units that just came out.”
‘Right... an army around that size had set up right outside the Protoss main... What exactly... How did it…’

I had heard it before. It was a familiar sound, one that I had not heard in a long time.


“This is… can it be?”

One of the few StarCraft units that is deemed useless. Slow, expensive, and less efficient than Corsairs when in large numbers, and had thus disappeared from the scene.

“Teleport Successful”

The Scout

“I’m Waiting Command”

Victory in sight, the Protoss army begins a merciless push.

“Ah... Leeㅁㅁ made the mistake of hurriedly pumping units without adding an armory in order to support the containment after expanding. If only he had brought some peons, he would have been able to last”

“Yes. There were 4 Tanks and the rest were Vultures, but the 2 Scouts killed all the Tanks and while the Vultures were retreating, they were ambushed by Dragoons. Because of the Scout, the Terran got pushed without being able to use Siege Mode. No matter what their numbers, Vultures do not stand a chance against Dragoons.”
“Hahaha this is the first time I've seen the Scout-Dragoon combination. Oh XX warped in the Scouts with the money from cancelling Leg Upgrade and Fleet Beacon”

“Is Leeㅁㅁ losing focus..? His micro has dropped significantly. And... GG!!”

Ha… Haha…

Protoss won in that situation? And the unit that led the come-back was... the useless Scout?

I’m… A guy like me is…

Even as the awards ceremony ended and the list of previous winners rolled, I could only stand there, staring into space, feeling something rising within me.


The sound of the door opening echoes in the house...

“We’re home...”

“Hi! Welcome home!”


My parents give me a confused stare, having noticed my energetic attitude. I decided that, no matter what my situation, I shouldn't break down by myself, self-contained. I am myself, and it is certain that, somewhere, there is something that only I can do.

Ah, the moon is bright tonight.


Original Article by Vortex
Translation by Infinity21 and thedeadhajii

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