Date 2007/01/29 14:25:36
Name 퍼플레인
Subject [re] Balance Arguments; Looking in the Mirror
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문법적인 부분은 명백하게 틀린 것이 아닌 이상은 수정하지 않겠습니다.


One of the hottest potatoes in PGR is the balance among different races in Starcraft.
What makes this kind of controversy interesting is the fact that one side follows the other side's point and
plays copycat as if they are mirror-images.
In other words, a theory that A used in order to dispute against B becomes the case vice versa.

When Protoss was overwhelmed by the Terran’s FD strategy during SO1 League, Protoss fans started whining.
When Protoss lost to Terran 9 times in a row , Protoss fans said that there was no way that
Protoss could win against Terran. As a response, Terran fans told them to stop whining and
wait for more results. And they added that if Protoss players practice harder and think more,
they would be able to come up with a better strategy than the Terran’s FD.

What was the result? As you all know, Protoss players got used to facing FD strategy and
overcame it by using Arbiters and other units.

Then the Terran fans, who argued against the Protoss fans, started whining like Protoss fans did earlier.

When Terran was owned by Zerg 9 times in a row without a single victory in Arcadia II,
the Terran fans started to say that there was no way that Terran could possibly defeat Zerg,
because the three-hatchery strategy was too powerful. As a response, Protoss fans and Zerg fans
told them that Terran players should overcome the difficulties with harder practices and more thoughts,
just like Zerg players used the three hatchery strategy and the defiler aginast Terran.

Zerg fans and Protoss fans criticized Terran players for not putting more effort than other races' players,
and that was why Terran started losing to other races'. Of course, Terran fans become furious;
they don’t think there isn't any disparency in efforts among players.

Such arguments have been repeated over and over for a long time. The only difference is
that their positions have been reversed.

In the past, Zerg fans and Protoss fans were not happy, because Terran won too many tourneys
compared to other races. Terran fans told them it was because Terran players put more efforts than
other races. Zerg fans and Protoss fans were mad; they did not think there wasn't any disparency
in efforts among players.

When Reach lost to Slayers_Boxer in ‘8.15’, Protoss fans had an uproar, because they didn’t see
any way to defeat Terran in the map. Terran fans told them not to overreact with such a few results.

Soon after, ‘8.15’gradually became more favorable to Protoss, and Terran fans blamed
Protoss fans for their hastiness and quick-tempered responses.

After that incident, Protoss started overpowering Terran with utilizing Cannon and Zealot rush
in ‘Peaks of Baekdu’. Needless to say, the balance argument appeared again. Terran fans
claimed that ‘Peaks of Baekdu’ was made for Protoss. Of course, Protoss fans told them not to
overreact and wait for more results.

The final balance of TvsP in ‘Peaks of Baekdu’ turned out to be 4:3. (Interestingly, no one cared
about the balance in ‘Peaks of Baekdu’ after all. Was it because Protoss was scared of facing
Zerg, therefore TvsZ or ZvsZ matches were mostly taken place in the map in Proleague?)

Anyhow, the theory that A used in order to dispute against B becomes the theory that
B uses in order to argue against A. And B, who blamed A for many reasons, repeats just
what he had blamed A for. A, who retorted B's argument, forgets all about what he had said before
and becomes busy blaming B for the very same reasons that he was blamed for...

It's just like looking in the mirror; with the same argument, the same reasons, and the same retortion.

C criticizes D for too much vicitimization, while D criticizes C for obstination...

But it seems all the same to me. They are just rooting for the race they like, and nothing else
is different in their arguments.

Actually, there is no way that people change their personality due to the race they favor. However,
it is frustrating to hear that 'Terran fans are going way too much', or 'Zerg fans are unusually overreacting',
or 'Protoss fans are impossible.' Does the race change a person's personality and value systems?
I don't see any difference...

It feels like watching the politicians argue. Each race seems to represent the ruling party and the opposition party.

Changing the response according to the position and the situation and criticizing the topic to support
my party, even if I was for the topic before... wouldn't it be the balance argument of today?

It cannot be helped favoring a certain race once you're a fan. Men are blind in their own causes.
It's okay to support your race, but please be consistent.

Would it be persuasive to say that we should wait for more results when the balance is inclined to
your race after a few games, and that players of our race are sweeped due to the imbalance when
the balance is not favorable?

Then how are we different from politicians?

통합규정 1.3 이용안내 인용

"Pgr은 '명문화된 삭제규정'이 반드시 필요하지 않은 분을 환영합니다.
법 없이도 사는 사람, 남에게 상처를 주지 않으면서 같이 이야기 나눌 수 있는 분이면 좋겠습니다."
07/01/29 14:51
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